Six Dimensions of Wellness:

          "Wellness is a condition of maximum well-being directed towards maximizing and achieving one's inner potential.  It is a lifetime journey of reaching towards enhancing social, physical, intellectual, environmental, emotional and spiritual well-being.   It is an expanded concept of health and is more than just a mere absence of diseases.  It is in fact the prevalence of dignity and well-being in the lives of communities in general and individuals in particular.  The meaningful decisions we make in the journey of our life determines the true wellness.  Wellness is the overall holistic consolidation of all the six interactive dimensions, which influence each other all throughout our lives."       wellnessquotes.net

Employee wellness programs increase employee morale, loyalty, and productivity.

If you value wellness, are looking for ways to enhance your corporate culture, bring your mission statement to life, or create a strengths based strategic plan, we can help you.  

Virtues Village offers interactive workshops where you
will learn 5 simple strategies! The Five Strategies of The Virtues Project offers you tools to create a culture of caring, respect, understanding and more!